Angle Brackets - 2 Slots

ANB013 Angle Brackets - 2 Slots
ANB013 Angle Brackets - 2 Slots

Angle Brackets - 2 Slots

These Angle Brackets with 2 slots are the ideal solution for a multitude of fixing applications and reinforcing corner joints. Tailored for professional projects, these brackets are a must-have for anyone seeking flexibility and strength in their construction or repair work.

Key Features:

  • Dual slot design provides exceptional adjustability and flexibility for various mounting needs, perfect for projects requiring precise alignment
  • Ensure durability and long-term resilience in diverse environments
  • Ideal for a wide array of applications, from home improvements and furniture assembly to more complex construction projects
  • Specifically designed to reinforce corner joints, providing stability and support where it's needed most.
  • Easy Installation - user-friendly design allows for quick and straightforward installation with common tools
  • Suitable for a range of materials and surfaces, offering a secure hold in different scenarios
  • A practical solution for those who need a reliable and adaptable fixing option

Typical applications include strengthening corner joints and mounting worktops to cabinets.

Material - Mild Steel

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Drawings and images are for reference only and should not be used for product specification. For new applications we recommend that you carry out assembly tests using samples supplied by us.

Dimension guide

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Angle Brackets - 2 Slots dimension guide

Product Variations

Code Description D1 D2 W L1 L2
ANB013 2 Slots 5 x 10 5 x 10 16 19 11 Request Free Samples
ANB006 2 Slots 5 x 10 5 x 10 19 19 11 Request Free Samples

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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