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Cross Dowels

Cross Dowels (barrel nuts) are used in conjunction with our furniture connector bolts where a right angle connection is required. This type of connection provides a tight, heavy-duty joint.

Available in a central and off-set option:
Central - the threaded cross hole is equally spaced from each end.
Off-set - the threaded cross hole is an unequal space from each end.

Typical applications for cross dowels include cabinets, chairs, desks and tables.

Material - Mild Steel
Typical Finish - Zinc and Clear Passivate

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Dimension guide

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Cross Dowels dimension guide


Code Description Thread L1 L2
FCD007 Central M6 12 6.0 Request sample
FCD009 Off-Set M6 13 8.0 Request sample
FCD006 Off-set M6 14 9.0 Request sample
FCD010 Central M6 15 7.5 Request sample
FCD008 Central M6 16 8.0 Request sample
FCD001 Central M6 20 10.0 Request sample
FCD011 Off-set M6 20 12.0 Request sample
FCD012 Central M6 25 12.5 Request sample
FCD013 Central M6 30 15.0 Request sample
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