Cable Clips and Pipe Clips

Cable Edge Clips

Fix cables and pipes to panels and I-beams using these Cable Edge-Clips

A range of options are available for fitting pipes or fitting cables to the edge of a panel, solar panel or the edge of an I-beam. Standard Heavy Duty Cable Edge-Clips have more barbs and provide a firmer hold. Heavy Duty Cable Edge-Clips are suitable where vibration is an issue. Standard Cable Edge-Clips are suitable for a wide range of panel thicknesses. Multi-fit Cable Edge-Clips are more flexible and fit a wider range of panel thicknesses. This allows you to stock fewer parts and reduce inventory costs. Flared Cable Edge-Clips have a raised edge to reduce chaffing of the cable or hose, reducing the potential of damage to pipes or cables. This is a valuable feature in applications like solar panels, machinery or vehicles where there is vibration or movement.

The Removable Cable Edge-Clips can be quickly and easily removed. This is useful when you need to remove the clip for access or want to reuse the Cable Edge-Clips. Most Cable Edge-Clips are designed to take a single cable, pipe or hose but there are Double Cable Edge-Clips available in a range of sizes. Most of the clips are made from Austempered Carbon Steel. A variety of finishes are available depending on the quantity you order.

All Cable Edge-Clips are quick and easy to install. They push or tap onto the edge of the panel or I-beam with no special installation tools required. Barbs secure the Cable Edge-Clips securely in place, except for the removable Edge Panel Clip. Cable Edge-Clips are used in a huge range of applications to secure pipes and cables. In buildings they are used to attach water and gas pipes, AirCon cables, fire alarm wires and similar items to the edge of I-beams. They are also extensively used on solar panels and in vehicles and machinery to secure a variety of pipes and cables.

If you require samples, prices or further information please contact our sales team online or ring +44 1623 551 800.

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