Cable Clips and Pipe Clips

Fir Tree Cable Clips

Fix one or multiple cables using Fir Tree Cable Clips

Plastic Fir Tree Cable Clips – also called Christmas Tree Clips - provide a lightweight and cost-effect method of fixing single or multiple cables to a surface with a suitable hole. The barbs of the Plastic Fir Tree Cable Clip are pushed through the hole and hold the cable clip securely in place.

The cables or pipes are held in the curvature of the Plastic Fir Tree Cable Clips. Different applications require various features such as quick-release pipe clips for easy removal of the pipe for replacement or maintenance; locking clips for added security in holding the cables in place; side-entry, top entry or underside entry clamps are all available.

Our products accommodate a wide range of panel thicknesses, hole sizes and cable or pipe diameters. Further options can be supplied so please contact us if you cannot find a suitable clip.

Read our Guide to Fir Tree Clips

If you require samples, prices or further information please contact our sales team online or ring +44 1623 551 800.

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