Fabric Fasteners (Clothing Military and Marine)

Military Grade Buckles

JET PRESS introduces a new military buckle range.

These high quality buckles are ideal for the military and defence industries. Soldiers are carrying increasing amounts of equipment which makes weight a critical factor for military products. All these buckles are lightweight but are able to withstand load capacities between 70kg and 250kg. Typical applications are gun slings, holsters, backpacks, load carrying systems, pouches and travel bags.

Our new range includes Metal G-Hook Webbing Buckles, CLASH Hooks, MASH Hooks, Heavy Duty Snap Hooks and Heavy Duty D-Rings. Additionally, we supply Polypropylene Webbing in widths of 25mm and 38mm suitable for all buckles. As a standard procedure for these military grade buckles, a 48h spray test is performed. Moreover, all buckles meet the latest EU REACH standards, relating to the effect of chemicals on human health and the environment.

Besides these buckles we also offer a wide range of Pull The Dot Fastener and Durable Dot Snap Fasteners for military equipment and clothing.

Read more about this product range: “New Military Buckles and Hooks”.

If you require samples, prices or further information please contact our sales team online or ring +44 1623 551 800.

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