Threaded Fasteners and Push-On Fasteners

Lock Nuts and Lock Washers

Prevent nuts from loosening because of vibration or dynamic load

Lock Nuts and Lock Washers are used in applications where vibration or movement might cause a nut and bolt to work loose.

When a Palnut Regular Lock Nut is used the force generated by the nut being tightened down pushes the teeth of the thread form down the thread helix. This results in the ends of the teeth biting into the root of the thread on the bolt. This generates a reproducible locking force. Note that both the nut and the bolt are prevented from loosening.

This is not true of all locking systems. The same principle applies when used as a Lock Nut for heavy duty applications with a load bearing nut or as a load bearing nut on its own. Palnuts come in a range of sizes and there are Hot Dip Galvanised options with increased corrosion resistance.

Nord-Lock Washers secure bolted joints where vibration or movement might cause a bolt to work loose. They are suitable for Tapped Holes, Counterbores, Through-holes, Stud Bolts and applications with large/slotted holes or soft underlying surfaces. Locking washers are used in pairs. The washers have teeth and when the bolt is tightened the teeth grip and locks the nut and bolt in place even if there is vibration or movement that may be caused for instance by wind, acceleration or other types of dynamic load.

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