Wave Springs

Innoavtive Design

Spring steel wound into coils to create compression springs have been manufactured for more than 500 years but the flat coil wave design is a much more recent innovation that offers you many advantages over the traditional spring design.

Wave springs are created from pre-hardened flat wire that is coiled on-edge (edgewiding). As the coil is formed, wave-like bends are systematically added to create a spring effect in the finished product. Essentially they are single filament of flat wire formed in continuous precise coils with uniform diameters and periodic waves.

JET PRESS wave springs occupy only thirty to fifty percent of the compressed height space of comparable round wire springs. This improved spring design gives equal deflection with the same load specifications and enables the spring to occupy a very small volume relative to the amount of work it can perform.

Wave Springs can be used in place of conventional round wire springs and are particularly useful in space critical environments and in application where weight needs to be minimised. When included in your product designs, the reduced spring cavity requirements can give you significant cost savings.

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