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Hose Band Connection Clamps with T-Bolt Latch

Hose Band Connection Clamps | Teconnex

Teconnex Hose Band Connection Clamps can be used in a wide variety of hose sealing and retaining applications, most commonly for clamping flexible hoses to solid pipes, strapping together groups of pipes or cables, or replacing worm drive clips and clamps. The T-Bolt design offers strength and reduction in component damage often associated with worm drive clips and can be designed to operate under conditions of stress including pressure applications, vibration and corrosion.

Typical applications include automotive, ducting / air conditioning, power generation, food production, materials handling and industrial.

Please contact us if your clamp requirements fall outside our standard range. Clamps can also be designed to suit your specific application.

Material - 304 Stainless Steel

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Dimension guide

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Hose Band Connection Clamps | Teconnex   dimension guide


Code Description D
H0C204 Band Clamp Straight T-Bolt 175 Request sample
H0C205 Band Clamp Straight T-Bolt 200 Request sample
H0C206 Band Clamp Straight T-Bolt 225 Request sample
H0C207 Band Clamp Straight T-Bolt 250 Request sample
H0C208 Band Clamp Straight T-Bolt 275 Request sample
H0C209 Band Clamp Straight T-Bolt 300 Request sample
H0C203 Band Clamp Straight T-Bolt 150 Request sample
H0C199 Band Clamp Bent T-Bolt 50 Request sample
H0C200 Band Clamp Bent T-Bolt 75 Request sample
H0C201 Band Clamp Bent T-Bolt 100 Request sample
H0C202 Band Clamp Bent T-Bolt 125 Request sample
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