Accuride Drawer Slides

Accuride - Light Duty Drawer Slides (up to 50kg)

Light-Duty Drawer Slides

This extensive range of Accuride light-duty drawer slides are capable of handling weights to a maximum of 50kg and are suitable for industrial workstations, POP displays, medical and catering trolleys, lab furniture, tool boxes and general storage boxes. A wide range of slide lengths and load capacities are available with 75%, 100% and 100%+ slide extensions. Other features include hold-in, hold-out, front lever disconnect and soft-closing.

If space is a crucial aspect in the design of your application, 2421 and 2415 drawer slides are manufactured with a slide thickness of 8mm, where 2431, 2601 and 2642 drawer slides have a low-profile height. These slides are ideal for applications that have shallow drawers therefore giving you as much flexibility as possible.

3832SC and 3832EC-B drawer slides have a soft-closing feature and designed to close the drawers gently eliminating slamming and bounce back. Cam drawer adjust allows minute adjustment to the drawer front for easy alignment. This is a standard feature on 2132 and 3832 series slides.

Our trained service team offer full technical support and will gladly advise you on the recommended drawer slide for your application.

3D CAD files downloads are available for all our Accuride Drawer Slides

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