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Accuride Drawer Slides

Accuride Linear Motion Drawer Slides

Linear Motion Drawer Slides

Linear slides provide a smooth forwards and backwards movement and are ideal for horizontal or vertical mounting. These slides are suitable for vending, gaming machines, moving control panels and point of sale, eg hiding tobacco products. If you require a slide which doesn’t have any exposed moving parts the Accuride 115 friction guides is ideal for your application.

If space is a crucial aspect in the design of your application, 2415 drawer slides are manufactured with a slide thickness of 8mm and is ideal for gaming and vending machine applications. The Accuride DA0116RC is a heavy-duty aluminum linear motion track and is used in conjunction with DS0116-BRKTRC which is an additional hardware kit designed specifically for large heavy doors requiring wall or side mounting.

Read more about this Accuride range: “Engineers Open New Doors with Accuride Linear Motion Tracks”.

If you have any questions about any of the linear motion drawer slides* our trained service team can offer full technical support.

3D CAD files downloads are available for all our Accuride Drawer Slides

*Also known as drawer runners


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