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Accuride Drawer Slides

Accuride | Medium Duty Drawer Slides (51-99kg)

Medium Duty Drawer Slides

Our range of medium-duty Accuride drawer slides are capable of weights from 51kg up to 99kg. These slides are suitable for electronic enclosures, industrial drawers, cabinets, workstations, medical applications, food and chemical storage applications. Features of these slides include hold-in, hold-out, front lever disconnect, bayonet mounting and soft-closing which a choice of 75%, 100% and 100%+ slide extensions.

If your application requires slides that can withstand harsh environments, our DS3557, DS2028, DS0330 and DS3031 drawer slides are an ideal choice. 3320-50 and 5517-50 drawer slides feature bayonet mounting, where a cut-out in the side of the slides is used as a hook to fit into a corresponding slot in the chassis or drawer. Furthermore 5417EC drawer slide is soft-closing ensuring a smooth and controlled closing action eliminating slamming and bounce back.

If you require advice on the recommended drawer slides* for your application our trained service team can offer full technical support.


3D CAD files downloads are available for all our Accuride Drawer Slides

*Also known as drawer runners


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