Levelling Feet - Metal Base

Levelling Feet Metal Base

Levelling Feet - Metal Base

Levelling Feet offer an excellent load bearing capacity with the added flexibility of a full 20° of articulation to allow for mounting on uneven surface areas.

Machined from solid mild steel or stainless steel, they are ideal for use in a wide range of industries including food processing, medical, dairy, electronic, laser robotics and laboratory equipment.

Material - Electro Nickel Plated Mild Steel or 303 Stainless Steel.

L1 = Max Load (kg)

The following options are available on all popular sizes


  • Non-slip pad: Nitrile rubber pad (3mm thick) bonded to the base
  • Vibetech pad: Vibration dampening Vibetech pad bonded to the base
  • Hygenic seal: Flexible nitrile cover over the ball and socket arrangement


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Dimension guide

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Levelling Feet - Metal Base dimension guide


Code Description Thread D H L L1
LEF600 Mild Steel Base & Stud M12 55 105 75 450 Request sample
LEF603 Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Base and Stud M16 70 189 150 1500 Request sample
LEF615 Stainless Steel Base & Stud M8 38 85 60 450 Request sample
LEF616 Stainless Steel Base & Stud M10 38 100 75 600 Request sample
LEF620 Stainless Steel Base & Stud M12 55 105 75 1500 Request sample
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