Lift-Off Block Hinges

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Lift-Off Block Hinges

The Weston Body Hardware lift-off block hinges for offset doors are a neat, convenient method for hanging externally-fixed doors on metal cabinets, electrical enclosures, etc. Non-handed, the upper part simply sits onto a fixed steel pin. (Oppose hinges for when door is permanently fitted).

The bottom half of the hinge contains a fixed steel pin and is fitted to the door frame. The top half is fitted to the door edge and is lifted on and off the pin. Movement is completely free.

2 hole fitting - two tapped holes in each half.
Hole & Peg - Peg for location purposes.

Material - Zinc Alloy Die Cast
Finish - Chrome

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Dimension guide

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Lift-Off Block Hinges dimension guide


Code Description Thread D1 D2 H1 H2 W L1 L2 C
HIN262 2 Hole Fitting 2 x M6 x 7.5 6 - 19 11 17 38 9 19 Request sample
HIN263 Hole & Peg Fitting M5 6 3 x 6 14 7.5 13 30 8 16 Request sample
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