Metal Sided Drawer System

Metal Sided Drawer System slide 1
Metal Sided Drawer System slide 2


Metal Sided Drawer System slide 1
Metal Sided Drawer System slide 2

Metal Sided Drawer System

This Metal Box Drawer System, manufactured in Europe offers a strong, robust comprehensive system. The Drawer Slide encompasses the Slide mechanism eliminating time consuming drawer box assembly and slide attachment.

Designed with an adjustment cam the system allows simple attachment and vertical adjustment of the drawer front. Also available with other fixing methods, this versatile product lends itself to semi or fully automated assembly.

Your company logo can be added subject to a minimum quantity offering added value to the finished product. Other sizes, colours and assembly methods available on request. Typical applications include desks, pedestals, cabinets, drawer systems.

Assembly Equipment - For further details please contact us.

D = Depth
L = Slide Length
Vertical Adjustment = Nominal ±1mm
Lateral Adjustment = Nominal ±1.5mm
Static Load Capacity = 30Kg
Dynamic Load Capacity = 25Kg

Material - Mild Steel (Slide), High Quality Plastic (Runner).

For more information contact us +44 1623 551 800 Enquire

Dimension guide

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Metal Sided Drawer System dimension guide


Code Description D L
SDS001 Cam Adjust 85 400 Request sample
SDS002 Cam Adjust 120 400 Request sample
SDS003 Cam Adjust 85 450 Request sample
SDS004 Cam Adjust 120 450 Request sample
SDS005 Cam Adjust 85 500 Request sample
SDS006 Cam Adjust 120 500 Request sample
SDS007 Cam Adjust 85 550 Request sample
SDS008 Cam Adjust 120 550 Request sample
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