Plastic U-Nuts | S-Type

Lug Nuts Plastic - S-Type

Plastic U-Nuts | S-Type

This range of S-Type Plastic U-Nuts, also known as Spire Nuts or Chimney Nuts, join two or more sheets of material together. Installed into a pre-drilled hole, Plastic U-Nuts are secured using a standard ISO metric thread form. These S-Type Plastic U-Nuts slide easily onto the panel edge and as they are manufactured from nylon, they do not scratch or damage the panel.

S-Type Plastic U-Nuts are typically used in applications for motor vehicles, motor cycles, domestic appliances, heavy-duty electrical installations, electrical equipment and machinery.

Operating temperature -50°C to +85°C

Material - Polyamide
Typical colour - Black

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Dimension guide

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Plastic U-Nuts | S-Type dimension guide


Code Description Screw P1 P2 W L1 L2
LUN040 Plastic Lug Nut - S-Type M5 1.3 2.2 19.0 9.0 10.0 Request sample
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