Retain on Base Trim Clips

Retain on Base Panel Clip
Retain on Base Panel Clip
EPF235 Retain on Base Trim Clips
EPF235 Retain on Base Trim Clips


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Retain on Base Trim Clips

To facilitate removal or replacement, these Retain-on-Base Trim Clips are designed to remain fitted to the base panel but separate easily from the trim panel. ('Headed and Unheaded Trim Clips' have barbs which enable them to remain on the trim panel but disengage from the base panel).

Shown below are a few examples of this popular and versatile style of trim clip. Primarily used by all the major automotive manufacturers to retain fascias, dashboards and trim panels, these trim fasteners have also been utilised to aid speed and ease of assembly in many other industrial applications.

Designed for use on rectangular studs or integrally moulded ribs on any lightweight application where removability is desired, these panel trim fasteners provide a snug, rattle-free installation, yet will yield to deliberate removal force when required.

Typical applications for these panel clips include fascias, domestic appliances and motor vehicles.

Material - Austempered Carbon Steel

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Dimension guide

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Retain on Base Trim Clips dimension guide


Code Description H P1 P2 L W1 W2
EPF235 Retain on Base Panel 13.6 0.8 - 1.5 1.5 - 3.2 12.8 4.8 10.0 Request sample
EPF225 Retain on Base Panel 15.8 1.0 - 1.5 1.8 12.0 6.0 15.0 Request sample
EPF313 Retain on Base Panel 5.4 1.9 - 2.1 1.7 - 1.9 15.0 4.4 - 4.6 7.2 Request sample
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