Self Assembly Wing Knobs

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Self Assembly Wing Knobs

Wing Knobs are designed for flexibility of use to enable them to be specified in a wide range of circumstances.

These Knobs offer two wings for easy twisting and attach to standard socket head cap screws They are easily assembled without the need for glue or special tools.

Size in the table below refers to the thread size of the standard socket head cap screw.

Material - Acetal Thermoplastic

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Dimension guide

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Self Assembly Wing Knobs dimension guide


Code Description Size D H W
KN0064 Wing Knobs M5 26 7 12 Request sample
KN0065 Wing Knobs M6 30 8 13 Request sample
KN0066 Wing Knobs M8 38 10 17 Request sample
KN0067 Wing Knobs M10 45 12 20 Request sample
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