Tool Clip - Wide Base

Tool Clips - Wide Base
Tool Clip - Wide Base slide 2


Tool Clips - Wide Base
Tool Clip - Wide Base slide 2

Tool Clip - Wide Base

Ideal to mount hand tools and equipment within vehicles or in-house, these durable Tool Clip can also be used to mount cables, pipes and tubes in a variety of applications.

Manufactured from carbon spring steel, these fasteners are available in a wide range of holding diameters to suit a variety of functions.

Material - Carbon Spring Steel

For samples, prices or further information please click the enquiry button or ring +44 1623 551 800.

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Dimension guide

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Tool Clip - Wide Base dimension guide


Code Description D
T0C011 Tool Clip 6mm 6 Request sample
T0C012 Tool Clip 10mm 10 Request sample
T0C013 Tool Clip13mm 13 Request sample
T0C014 Tool Clip 16mm 16 Request sample
T0C015 Tool Clip 19mm 19 Request sample
T0C016 Tool Clip 25mm 25 Request sample
T0C017 Tool Clip 28mm 28 Request sample
T0C018 Tool Clip 32mm 32 Request sample
T0C020 Tool Clip 51mm 51 Request sample
T0C019 Tool Clip 38mm 38 Request sample
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