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TPR007 Trim Panel Retainer
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Trim Panel Retainers

These Trim Panel Retainers are designed to offer a housing for the head of the Fir Tree or W Button type trim panel fasteners. They are simply adhered to the rear of the trim panel and the head of the chosen trim panel fastener can then be slotted in to the key-hole shaped cut-out.

The cut-out section D gives clearance on the neck of the trim panel fastener allowing for tolerance changes in the fixing hole position in the body-in-white. Trim panels can then be fitted with hand applied pressure or a rubber mallet to secure the trim fastener in its mating hole in the body in white, giving an invisible but strong fix. Should the trim need to be taken off then any damaged trim panel fasteners can be removed from the retainer and replaced with new fasteners.

TPR006 has two fixing holes on external wings.
TPR007 is plain based for adhering to the substrate.

Typical applications include motor vehicles, boats, caravans and coaches.

Material - A.B.S.
Typical Colour - Black


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Dimension guide

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Trim Panel Retainers dimension guide


Code Description D H W L1 L2
TPR006 Trim Panel Retainer 8.5 0.8 - 0.9 5.0 31.1 24.0 Request sample
TPR007 Trim Panel Retainer 9.5 0.9 - 1.1 5.9 20.0 25.0 Request sample
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