V Band Clamps with T-Bolt Latch | Teconnex

Teconnex V Band Clamps with T-Bolt Latch

V Band Clamps with T-Bolt Latch | Teconnex

Teconnex V Band Clamps are used to pull together and connect two circular flanges. The resulting joint is much lighter, easier to fit and strip down for maintenance and requires less installation space when compared to traditional bolted flanges. Using a V clamped joint will also allow the mating pipes to be rotated to the correct location before the V clamp is secured.

V Band Clamps are designed to function reliably and safely under conditions involving stress, vibration and corrosion.

Typical applications include exhaust systems, aerospace, automotive, ducting / air conditioning, materials handling, marine, power generation, food industry and a variety of industrial uses.

A range of flanges is available alongside our V Band Clamps which eliminates the need to flare pipe ends as they are simply welded into position.

Please contact us if your clamp requirements fall outside our standard range. Clamps can also be designed to suit your specific application.

Material - 304 Stainless Steel

For prices or further information please click the enquiry button or ring +44 1623 551 800.

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Dimension guide

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V Band Clamps with T-Bolt Latch | Teconnex  dimension guide


Code Description D
VCL001 V Clamp Bent T-Bolt 63 Request sample
VCL002 V Clamp Bent T-Bolt 76 Request sample
VCL003 V Clamp Bent T-Bolt 89 Request sample
VCL004 V Clamp Bent T-Bolt 101 Request sample
VCL005 V Clamp Bent T-Bolt 114 Request sample
VCL006 V Clamp Straight T-Bolt 127 Request sample
VCL007 V Clamp Straight T-Bolt 140 Request sample
VCL008 V Clamp Straight T-Bolt 152 Request sample
VCL009 V Clamp Straight T-Bolt 165 Request sample
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