Accuride Drawer Slides For Special Vehicles.

Added 28.10.19

Accuride Drawer Slides For Special Vehicles.

Added 28.10.19

Accuride Drawer slides for Emergency vehicle

Accuride Drawer Slides get the blue light


Vehicle converters are increasingly using Accuride Drawer Slides  from JET PRESS for Special Vehicles. Emergency vehicles are becoming more sophisticated all the time. They have to carry more tools and equipment than ever before. The challenge for specialist vehicle converters is ensure this kit is readily available to crews when they need it but safe and secure when the vehicle is travelling to an incident.

You can use Accuride Drawer Slides for Special Vehicles to deliver security and rapid access.


Combine slides for optimum performance

Imagine what it’s like to be a first responder arriving at an incident. You need to assess the situation rapidly then get your hands on exactly what you need without delay. A drawer that is guaranteed to stay shut in transit but is easy to open is what you need.9308 Accuride Drawer Slide

A combination of Accuride 9301 and 9308 slides does exactly what‘s required.

The 9308 is a locking slide. It‘s released with an easy to grip lever. The drawer can be locked in for transit and locked out so it stays open in use. When you combine it with a 9301 Drawer Slide, the vehicle crew only has to use one lever to open the drawer. The slides open 100% so the crew has full access to the entire contents. There are even Accuride Drawer Slides that open more than 100% to give even better access to the contents.


Strong and durable

The 9308 and 9301 are durable mild steel slides. Most have a rating of 272kg, tested up to 10,000 cycles. Some longer slides have a lower rating when fully extended and all the holes have to be used for fixing to guarantee the load rating. The mild steel has a corrosion resistant zinc plate finish.

Other Accuride Drawer Slides are available in stainless steel or aluminium. These corrosion resistant materials are valuable in harsh environments like Mountain Rescue, Coastguard vehicles or Fire Appliances.

You can buy these slides individually allowing you to combine the Accuride 9301 and 9308. They are available in a wide range of lengths.


Accuride Slide and Tilt Systems

Accuride DBHAND Emergencyn VehicleIf the drawer is set higher than about shoulder height, which may be unavoidable in a vehicle, the crew can’t easily get at the contents. Use a Slide and Tilt system so the drawer can be tilted once it’s extended. You can cut the track to the required length and set the angle of tilt during installation. Bumper wheels dampen and smooth out the movement so the contents of the drawer are not disturbed.

These slides can be fitted with the DBHAND Locking Handle Kit. This allows you to release two locking slides from the centre of the drawer. This is a vital feature for the wide, shallow drawers often used in vehicles. The load rating for these Slide and Tilt Slides is 65kg tested to 10,000 cycles.

The DBHAND Locking Handle Kit can of course be used with any Accuride Drawer Slides of 17.5mm thickness and above.


Beyond the blue lights

It’s not only in emergency vehicles that specialist converters are using Accuride Drawer Runners. And not just for drawers. The range of vehicles is huge; ranging from dog patrol vans and welfare trucks to mobile laboratories and workshops.

You can use Accuride Telescopic Slides to mount heavy equipment like batteries or generators so you can access them easily for maintenance. They can provide platforms for heavy loads and provide storage in otherwise inaccessible parts of the vehicle. You give us the challenge and we will find the Accuride Drawer Slide to meet it.


Finding the right Accuride Drawer Slide

Our team is always available to discuss the most appropriate slide or combination of slides for your application. There’s a useful guide to help you select the best slide and you may find our article "How to select Accuride Drawer Slides" helpful.

The team at JET PRESS have a whole host of ideas to help you with specialist vehicle conversions. If you would like help selecting the right slides and hardware please call +44 1623 551 800, email [email protected] or contact us online.




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