Accuride Pocket Door Slides For The Space Age

Added 02.04.19

Accuride 1432 Pocket Door Sliding System

Open the door then slide it out of the way

Everyone wants more space. Pocket Door Slides like the Accuride 1312, and the Accuride 1432 Pocket Door sliding system allow designers to make the best use of space in a stylish and ingenious way. They allow doors to open in a conventional way but then slide into a compartment behind the hinge. Which means they don’t take up space like a conventional door.

They are being used increasingly by furniture designers, architects, interior designers and retail space designers to make the most of limited space.


Making the most of media

Furniture designers know people want to play games, watch movies and follow their favourite teams on a screen. But that doesn’t mean they want to see the screen when there’s nothing on it. They can put the screen behind doors but then the doors get in the way when people want to watch the screen.

Increasingly the leading furniture designers are specifying Accuride Pocket Door Slides. These slides allow designers to create media cabinets that look great when the doors are closed. But also allow full visibility of the screen when the doors are open. The Accuride Pocket Door Slides move very smoothly so they add to the quality feel of the finished cabinet.


Accuride Pocket Door slides for TVs


Small stylish living spaces

Nowhere is style and space more important than in urban living. Every square metre has to be optimised because it costs so much to rent or buy. Architects and interior designers are turning to Accuride Pocket Door Slides to create highly efficient kitchens and utility spaces. They allow appliances, worktops and sinks to be hidden behind doors when they are not in use.

This wouldn’t work with conventional hinges because the open doors would get in the way. But by using Accuride Pocket Slides for the doors a designer can create a fully functional kitchen that is completely hidden when not in use. This allows for much more flexible living in a small space.

The Accuride 1432 Pocket Door Sliding System can take a door weight of up to 34kg. It has an upper slide and a lower slide connected by a cable system that ensures the slides are synchronised for smooth operation every time. The Accuride 1432 is used in conjunction with hinge kits to suit the dimensions of the door.


A nice detail for retail

Retailers have to create a great experience for customers if they want to thrive in the current fiercely competitive environment. That means balancing displaying goods at their best with elements like space and security.

Increasingly retail designers are looking for new ways to create display and storage systems that create a great customer experience. The ability to make doors or drawer fronts disappear can make all the difference. An Accuride 1312 Pocket Door Slide can be mounted horizontally or vertically allowing retailers to keep valuable goods safe and out of sight until they reveal them to customers.


New product old relationship

There are clear benefits if you buy your Accuride products from JET PRESS. The relationship is longstanding, so our account managers and engineers have a great deal of experience with the full range of products. We regularly work with customers to help select the optimum slide to fit their designs and we can work with Accuride to develop bespoke solutions for you.

You can see the standard range of Accuride products along with other fasteners and components available from JET PRESS. If you would like to discuss your requirements please call +44 1623 551 800, email [email protected] or use our online enquiry form.


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