Have You Been Looking For Easy-To-Install LED Lighting?

Added 29.11.18

Have You Been Looking For Easy-To-Install LED Lighting?

Added 29.11.18
We have introduced a new range of innovative LED lighting solutions for commercial and domestic use. These LED lights are simple for you to install and create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

LED Cabinet Lights is an example of how easy installation is. The lighting system allows you to connect the light fitting to the cables at the fitting stage. You are able to put all the necessary cabling and wiring in place without adding the light fitting until the very end. Then thread the wiring through your cabinetry, up a wall or wherever the light is to be installed, and add the light fitting in later. This range of Cabinet Lights can be recess mounted or surface mounted with a variety of flat and angled spacers.



4-port and 6-port 12v Power Supply Drivers along with Micro Connector Extension Cables work in conjunction with this new 12v LED lighting range. Multiple lights fitted in a sequence can connect to either a 4-port or 6-port power supply driver. Fitting of our additional LED Lighting is easy as they all have a micro connector which require a small drilled hole to feed the cable through.


How to enhance dark and uninviting areas with our new LED Lighting




LED Panel Lights are ultra-thin and easy to mount to the surface with screws. These lights are ideal for under cabinets, inside cabinets or above cabinets. They give depth to your room and create a sense of warmth.


Aluminium Profiles and Smart Profiles produce a bright even light. Perfect for underneath your cabinets in kitchens or bedrooms. Additionally, these are easy for you to install with a choice of surface mounting or recessed mounting options. We supply this lighting in 2 metre lengths and these can be butt jointed for longer runs if necessary. The profiles have a diffuser so there is no spotting from the LED tape, this tape has 3m adhesive backing to fit inside the profiles.




LED Spot Lights and LED Plinth Lights bring dark areas in your kitchen or cabinets to life and add a touch of sophistication. These lights provide a subtle ambient light and are great for mood lighting.

In addition, our range of LED Door Sensor Lights work well in wardrobes and cupboards. With a built-in Infra-red sensor, the light automatically turns on and off when the door is opened and closed. The benefit is no energy wastage.

LED Lighting solutions - A simple system for your convenience

Available in either warm white or natural white to create the desired style and effect you want. Warm white creates an inviting, cosy and relaxed environment and generally preferred in dining, living or reception areas. Natural white simulates natural outdoor lighting and is ideal for use in retail and office environments.

The sleek, understated design and simple fitting makes this new lighting range a great all-round choice for you. In addition, there is the proven energy saving benefits of LED lighting.

If you would like further details, samples and prices, please call our sales team on +44 1623 551 800 or contact us online.

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