Moving forward after Brexit

Added 27.04.21

Moving forward after Brexit

Added 27.04.21

We recognise and acknowledge that over the last few months the new Brexit agreement between the EU and UK may have caused you a considerable level of disruption and frustration.  JET PRESS value your business and are working hard to maintain exceptional customer service and business continuity.

As a result of Brexit, goods purchased from JET PRESS LTD are now subject to importation into the EU, generally at the point the goods reach your local territory. This is a result of the UK no longer being in the EU Single Market and the goods are no longer in free circulation until imported in the EU. We currently trade with our customers on EXW or DAP delivery terms meaning that you, as our customer, are responsible for undertaking the import formalities.

The frustrations relate to two specific issues: On-Time Delivery and Additional Shipping Costs.

On-Time Delivery we feel is a temporary problem which we have resolved by shipping earlier than usual and spreading shipments across a number of shipping Agents to spread the load. We are monitoring and tracking all shipments to the EU and are now chasing our shippers on an individual basis in order to get an indication of any delays. We are seeing an improvement in service across the EU which hopefully will soon get back to pre-Brexit levels delivery.

Additional Shipping Costs can be split into three categories : Clearance Charges, Duty and VAT.

Clearance charges and Duty – if you identify additional costs relating to specific invoices during this period please contact your customer service representative [email protected] who will be more than happy to answer any of your concerns.

VAT – our shipping agent will clear the goods on your behalf and you will be issued an invoice setting out the VAT amounts to be paid. If the goods are cleared in your local territory, you should be able to recover this VAT as part of your ongoing VAT compliance activities and subject to the normal VAT recovery rules in your territory. If goods are cleared in a territory where you are not VAT registered, in order to recover the import VAT, a refund should be sought through the EU Electronic Refund Scheme. Where this is applicable, we can share further details of this process should you require them.

Hopefully the above actions will confirm the importance of Excellent Customer Service of  JET PRESS LTD to all our customers.

In the coming weeks we are preparing to ship from our Czech Republic warehousing facility to avoid both of the Customer frustrations detailed above, with a view to setting up a permanent distribution hub in the EU over the coming months. This will mean that JET PRESS LTD takes care of import formalities at the Czech border and the invoicing will be similar to that which happened prior to Brexit (i.e. intra-community supplies).

Again may we apologise for ALL of the disruptions and frustrations of the last few months and confirm our focus is always to provide an excellent level of customer service which our customers should expect.


Mark Niblett

Group MD

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