A New Heavy Duty Two-Way Drawer Slide from Accuride

Added 25.01.21

A New Heavy Duty Two-Way Drawer Slide from Accuride

Added 25.01.21

We now offer a new drawer slide from Accuride. The DA4165 Heavy Duty Two-Way Travel Drawer Slide. This drawer slide has a load rating of up to 270kg tested to 10,000 cycles. It‘s an aluminium drawer slide with stainless steel retainers and stainless steel ball bearings.

You can use Heavy Duty drawer runners like this in a range of industrial and other applications.

The ins and outs of Two-Way Drawer Slides

There is a range of applications for this sort of Heavy Duty Drawer Slide. With the increasing use of robots in factories alongside humans there are safety issues. But if you put the robot within an enclosure to protect people, how do you get the raw materials in and the finished items out?

By incorporating a Two-Way Drawer Slide in the enclosure that surrounds the workspace, you can protect people and keep the robot safe.

Even when only human operatives are working together a Two-Way drawer can be useful. The drawer can be restocked from outside the operative’s workspace without disturbing their activity. And designers involved in warehouse automation are increasingly using Heavy Duty Two-Way Drawer Slides.

In fact, any environment where access to both sides of an application is required these Heavy Duty Two-Way Drawer Slides can be deployed. So, customers in the railway, aerospace and marine industries are showing an interest in this product.

All you need to know

These Drawer Slides are only suitable for vertical (side) mounting and are sold in pairs. You will need to use all the fixing positions to achieve the maximum load rating and we recommend M6/M8 screws.

You can use these slides in situations between -29°C and +70°C. We recommend you grease the slides every 2,000 cycles using quality grease rated for extreme pressure. The load ratings are based on slides mounted 600mm apart. If you have any questions about using these slides for wider applications or for that matter any questions about the Accuride DA4165, contact our team.

Struggling to select the right drawer slide? Read our guide on How to choose the correct drawer slide for help and guidance.

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