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Added 04.02.19

Armed Soldiers in Forest - Military Buckles

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JET PRESS now offers a new range of Military Buckles for use in gun slings, holsters, backpacks, load carrying systems, pouches and travel bags. We are a specified supplier of Pull-The-Dot® Fasteners and Durable™ Snap Fasteners-DOT® to military equipment producers for many years. With the addition of these new products  ̶  Metal G Hooks, CLASH Hooks, D-Rings and Heavy Duty Hooks  ̶  you have a tried and tested source for a wider range of military grade products.

MASH Hook_black_Military Buckles

The war on weight

Advances in technology mean modern military personnel carry an ever increasing amount of kit on their person, from body armour to sophisticated night vision sights. This can add 40kg to their load before they even pick up their pack; so equipment designers demand components that are strong, compact and lightweight.

These new steel buckles and hooks do the job.

The coated steel G-Hooks are strong, flat and although they only weigh 12g they are tested to support at least 100kg. The wave version gives added grip on the webbing and easier adjustment for only 1g extra weight. The Heavy Duty G-Hooks, weighing in at just 17g, will support at least 200kg.

Military Buckle CLASH Hook_coyote brown                                          G-Hook_black_military buckles

CLASH Hooks (Conventional Latch Attachment Snap Hook) and MASH hooks (which don’t depend on a spring), come in a range of weights and specifications including a CLASH hook for 50mm webbing. The Heavy Duty Hook weighs 33g, fits 40mm webbing and is tested to at least 125kg. All these products meet the latest EU REACH standards which relate to the effect of chemicals on human health and the environment.


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We are very happy to provide detailed information about these products, consultancy on potential applications and supply samples. And of course, take orders. Call +44 1623 551 800, email [email protected] or contact us online.

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