A New Sales Manager for Jet Press Aylesbury

Added 22.02.21

A New Sales Manager for Jet Press Aylesbury

Added 22.02.21

Jet Press manufacturing

Andy Brocklehurst has joined us as Sales Manager for the JET PRESS manufacturing plant at Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. Andy will be selling the items already manufactured by JET PRESS Aylesbury but he is also tasked with increasing the manufacturing capability and capacity of JET PRESS Aylesbury.

The future for Aylesbury

Andy says "Whilst I do think standard products are a great foundation for any business I always think bespoke engineered products are where growth and added value are found. I enjoy the design and development, prototyping and project management of new products and it is always satisfying to see the first-offs coming off a brand new press tool and the customers satisfaction at a successfully completed project.”

A born engineer

From a very young age Andy started taking things apart to see how they worked. Then he started building things from Lego and anything else he could find. He always loved making prototypes that actually worked, so it was no surprise that he went on to study Design and Engineering at university. 

He started his career designing and developing aftermarket car accessories. Andy says he was lured into Engineering Sales with the promise of a Ford Mondeo with a car phone. During his time in sales, he has gained experience of application engineering, design, quality engineering, production planning, general management and occasionally - emergency delivery driving.  He has experience in cold forging, injection moulding pressings, assemblies and fasteners.

Feeding the Family

Andy Brockelhurst

Andy is married with two daughters, Ava who’s 14 (It’s all about the clothes) Nancy who’s 11 (It’s all about the fun) and their dog Bodie (It’s all about the walks). If he has any free time, Andy likes to cook up dishes from around the world while listening to 6 Music’s Jukebox or BBC Radio 4 comedy. 

If you’d like to talk to Andy about solving your engineering problems or perfecting your arancini balls please call +44 1623 551 800 email [email protected] or contact us online.


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