Shopping for lightweight Weld Nuts and Press Studs for Eden and Leisure Furnishings

Added 22.03.21

Shopping for lightweight Weld Nuts and Press Studs for Eden and Leisure Furnishings

Added 22.03.21

Two new customers for JET PRESS furniture components

Kevin Parr, our Furniture Sales Lead, has been busy solving problems for furniture companies. He sourced a lightweight Weld Nut for Eden Retail Design and Press Studs and a Manual Foot Press for Leisure Furniture.


Weld Nuts for Eden

Eden specialises in retail furniture. If you have ever been to Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA or Lidl you will have seen their products. They produce gondola shelving and a wide variety of retail fixtures, display systems, POS and store furniture. They also work on new and innovative products for clients, like the Lab Stores for the Co-op.

The Lab Stores are used by the Co-op to trial new formats across several locations to test ideas in a real situation, get rapid feedback, analyse results and adapt for future roll-out. The Lab Stores are performing well and supplying valuable data to help inform Co-op’s future plans.

It was for a new gondola that we supplied Weld Nuts to Eden. Kevin had already researched these Weld Nuts for a company that builds climbing walls. When Eden described what they were looking for, Kevin knew these low cost, lightweight Weld Nuts would be ideal.

Eden has placed an initial order and we now stock them as a standard item. Weld Nuts are a fastener that can be welded to a surface to provide a threaded anchor point.


Press Studs and more for Leisure Furnishings

Leisure Furnishings provide a wide range of upholstered items for luxury park homes, leisure homes, lodges, touring caravans and motorhomes. They also provide similar items for use in hotels and student accommodation.

Kevin looked at their requirements and it was clear the best solution for attaching and detaching these items would be Lift-the-Dot® Fasteners.

Lift-the-DOT® Fasteners can only be released when lifted in the correct direction. This is a very useful feature for Leisure Furnishing’s products. They also have far greater shear strength than press studs. This makes them ideal for securing fabric to fabric and fabric (including leather) and to solid substrates. They are particularly useful where there is movement or shock.  This occurs in touring caravans, motor homes and very probably in student accommodation.

Along with the Lift-the-Dot® Fasteners we supplied Leisure Furnishings with a Manual Foot Press.

The Foot Press has a top and bottom anvil. The bottom tool will hold the button or eyelet while the top tool holds the mating part. The fixing is done by foot, leaving both hands free to align the parts. The operator sits with two trays of parts allowing two handed loading. A ratchet system on the swing arm ensures the fixing is consistent each time. The tool will self-pierce the fabric.

The push-force required is approximately 10kg. Depending on the complexity of the operation Leisure Furnishing should be able to achieve between 400 and 900 insertions per hour, that’s 15,000 to 30,000 per week. Portable Handheld tools are available if you need to work in restricted spaces and don’t need the high volumes.

The introduction of Lift-the-Dot® Fasteners and the insertion machine has gone very well so Leisure Furnishing are talking to us about a range of other furniture fasteners and fittings. These include Divan Bed Linking Bars and Folding Wing Bolts.

Divan Bed Linking Bars are designed to join two divan bed bases together and are commonly used on small double, double, king and super king sized beds.



One side of the divan link bar is fixed by a bolt through the slot to allow the bar position to be pivoted and adjusted. The other end of the bar pivots over the bolt in the second divan base to allow easy assembly and disassembly.

Folding Wing Bolts fix the Divan Bed Linking Bars into position. The folding wing head gives easy and quick fastening of the bolt into the divan by hand. The wing then folds flush to the divan for safety and neatness.

These Divan Bed Linking Bars and Folding Wing Bolts have a nickel finish that works with any fabric design.

If you'd like to talk to Kevin or another member of our team about solving your furniture related challenges please call +44 1623 551 800 email [email protected] or contact us online.

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