Tamper-Evident Security Tape | KTB from JET PRESS

This KTB Tamper-Evident Security Tape looks like regular brown packaging tape that reveals a printed message when removed. Tamper-Evident Security Tape is deliberately designed to look like ordinary packaging tape so that no undue attention is brought to the packaged goods whilst in store or in transit.

Security Tape is designed for use in a number of packaging, logistics and distribution type applications where tamper evidence is a requirement. It can be used on a number of surfaces, but works best on cardboard and on shrink wrap.

Key Features

  • Translucent white security message when lifted
  • Self wound polypropylene material with high tack adhesive backing
  • Supplied in rolls 50mm wide, 50 metres long on a 76mm diameter core
  • Customised security message and face design
  • Various colours available for customised orders
  • Suitable for use with a standard packaging tape dispenser
  • No adhesive residue remains to allow replacement of tape

Typical applications include:

  • Fiber/Waxed cartons
  • Cardboard cartons
  • Wooden boxes/crates
  • Polystrene
  • Machine panels
  • Duty free packages
  • Shrink wrap & pallets
  • Freight containers

We recommended that this tape is stored at degreeC with 50% relative humidity. The tape should remain in its box until required, be kept dry and out of direct sunlight.

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DescriptionPart Nr
50mm x 50mSLA029

All dimensions are mm unless specified.