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If you want to keep the contents of anything from rooms and vehicles to boxes and bags secure we have a Security Seal for you. A Tamper Evident Seal will discourage thieves or intruders while something like a Metal Security Seal will add some physical security. Truck Seals are designed for use on freight vehicles. If you need to secure bags, Pull Tight Seals and Bag Security Seals are the answer. They can be used to secure many different sizes and types of bag. Customers ranging from mail organisations and logistics companies to the Police for Scene of Crime Officers use them.

Do you have a specialist Security Seal requirement? We have a number of specialist Security Seals. These include Tote Box Seals widely used in retail stores and pharmaceutical transportation and storage. Pull Tight Seals are used for fire exit doors and fire extinguishers. Padlock Seals are cost effective and the long thin locking arrow makes them fit applications where other seals may not fit.

The police recognise that terrorists may remove manhole covers and place explosive devices in the chamber below. For this reason they place Manhole and Drain seals on all the covers in areas where there is a risk of a terror attack. The cover cannot be removed without breaking the seal. Manhole and Drain Seals are used by security services to protect against terrorists.

If you require samples, prices or further information please contact our sales team online or ring +44 1623 551 800.

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