Security Products

A range of Security products including Security Seals, Security Labels and Security Bags

Security Seals and Security Labels are widely used to deter theft and improve security. They act as a deterrent because the door, lid or packaging cannot be opened without visibly damaging the Security Seal or Security Label. Bag Security Seals are used to secure bags. Manhole and Drain Seals are used when there is a threat of a terrorist attack.

Because these products show when a door or package has been opened they are often described as Tamper Evident Security Seals and Tamper Evident Security Labels. For the same reason, tape that leaves a message when removed – usually VOID – is called VOID tape. Covert Void Security Labels can detect tampering using UV light.

These products are used in a range of industries. Transport and delivery companies use them to show that consignments and packages have not been interfered with. They can be used across many industries to show that a container like a bottle or jar has not been opened and is safe to use. Police and security organisations use these Security Products for Scene of Crime Kits and elsewhere to retain the integrity of evidence and to track personal items in custody suites.

Across transport and industry Security Seals are used to protect against theft and for safety and security. Bag Security Seals, Truck Seals and other Security Seals and Tamper Security Labels are all used to keep sites, vehicles and items safe and secure. Various items have to be protected. Security Bags including Cash Bags, Key Bags, Document Bags and Medical Bags can all be protected using Seal Clips for Security Bags.

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