Security Products

Security Bags

Secure storage and transportation of valuable items

Items like keys, cash, documents and medicines need to be stored and transported in Security Bags. We have a range of Cash Bags, Key Bags, Document Bags and Medical Bags that can be sealed with a Seal Clip to make them Tamper-Evident.

It is important to identify and trace Security Bags. For instance, the Police use them to secure the personal possessions of people in Custody Suites and documents used for evidence. They are also used by airport car parking companies to keep track of car keys. Our Security Bags feature an information window for identifying contents and a clear window for bar codes, both only accessible from inside the bag.

Seal Clips for Tamper Evident Security Bags are sold separately so each bag can be reused many times.

If you require samples, prices or further information please contact our sales team online or ring +44 1623 551 800.

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