Rivet T-Nuts - Sigma from JET PRESS

These Rivet T-Nuts are designed to be machine inserted. They are cold forged with a heavy flange and a large head for strength and pull-through resistance. The final result is a fast, deep and straight Tee Nut insertion. This contributes to final product quality and production efficiency.

When inserted, the unthreaded portion of the barrel is riveted over to achieve maximum push-out resistance, eliminating the need for over stapling. The riveted section of the T-Nut provides a natural lead-in for the bolt thread for easier assembly. This lead-in feature reduces cross-threading problems.

Once inserted, the unthreaded rivet portion of the tee nut provides a good lead for the screw or bolt, enabling easier assembly and eliminating the requirement for over-stapling.

These Tee Nuts are also available from stock in a range of different metric sizes, with a small or large base. Please contact our team who will help you select the best combination of T-Nut and machine for your application.

  • Strong
  • Good pull through resistance
  • Fast, deep, straight insertion
  • Better final product quality
  • Production efficiency
  • Good lead for the screw or bolt
  • No over stapling required

Common sizes

  • JNT045 - M8 for 15 mm Timber Thickness
  • JNT047 - M8 for 18 mm Timber Thickness
  • JNT054 - M8 for 25.5 mm Timber Thickness (1" Timber)

Typical applications include bed headboards, leg, foot or castor anchors in sofa and chair frames, shop fittings, office furniture and domestic furniture.

T1 = Timber thickness (mm)
Material - Mild Steel

Read more about this product: “Why use 1” Timber Rivet Tee Nuts from JET PRESS?”.

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DescriptionPart NrThreadT1H1H2H3TD1D2WType
Rivet Tee NutJNT040M614. Base
 JNT041M615. Base
 JNT042M618.019.55.9 - Base
 JNT039M612. Base
 JNT060M615. Base
 JNT061M615. Base
 JNT043M812. Base
 JNT044M815. Base
 JNT045M815. Base
 JNT047M818. Base
 JNT063M822. Base
 JNT054M825.525.66.810.21.810.28.619.0Large Base
 JNT048M1015. Base
 JNT049M1018. Base
15 x Strip Collated Tee NutsJNT068M69. Base
 JNT078M615. Base
 JNT070M618. Base
 JNT071M89. Base
 JNT057M815. Base
 JNT056M815. Base
 JNT058M818. Base
 JNT059M818. Base
 JNT074M825.525.66.810.21.810.28.619.0Large Base
20 x Strip Collated Tee NutsJNT051M67. Base
 JNT075M69. Base
 JNT076M612. Base
 JNT077M618. Base

All dimensions are mm unless specified.