Stainless Steel Cable Glands | Hygienic from JET PRESS
These Hummel Stainless Steel Hygienic Cable Glands are used in applications where the deposit of bacteria and microorganisms must be avoided, e.g the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

The enclosure has no corners or edges nor any exposed external thread and stands out in particular by having easy-to-clean, smooth outer surfaces. The cable gland is made of EHEDG and FDA compliant materials and has been constructed in accordance with EHEDG guidelines. This guarantees a high resistance against the most common cleaning agents currently in use.

Material - 316 Stainless Steel.

W = Wrench Size across the flats.

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DescriptionPart NrThreadDiameterDHLW
Stainless Steel Cable GlandCAG161M12 x 1.53.5 - 6.521.030.06.014
 CAG162M16 x 1.55.0 - / 20
 CAG163M20 x 1.510.0 -
 CAG164M25 x 1.513.0 - / 30

All dimensions are mm unless specified.