Wiring Harness Supports - Fir Tree Type from JET PRESS
Fir Tree Wiring Harness Supports are fixed into a pre-drilled hole in a panel, and support the cable loom running within a vehicle, domestic appliance or other electrical equipment.

Cables can be fixed to the Harness Support by tape or by using Cable Ties.

Typical applications include heavy goods vehicles, railway rolling stock, cars, computers, telephone exchanges, boats and audio equipment.

Material - Nylon.
Typical Colours - Natural.

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DescriptionPart NrPDHLW
Fir Tree Harness SupportCAC3330.5 - 5.06.511.124.110.1
 CAC3000.6 - 2.56.510.955.010.0
 CAC3340.6 - 5.06.511.036.39.7
 CAC7110.6 - 7.06.517.656.016.0

All dimensions are mm unless specified.