Fir Tree Fasteners - Double-Ended from JET PRESS

This range of push-in Double-Ended Fir Tree fasteners is designed to secure board, or soft sheet materials such as rubber to secondary panels. These two ended fir tree fixings can also be used for holding components onto panels.

Also known as Pine Tree or Christmas Tree fasteners, these Fir Tree Buttons are quick and simple to install. The flexible ribs on the side of the button contract on entry and then relax to grip and secure the two panels firmly together.

These products are typically used in office seating, partition building and upholstered furniture.

Material - Nylon
Typical Colours - Natural, Black

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DescriptionPart NrDPL1L2H
Double Ended Fir Tree FastenerFTB1594.0 (x2)2.6 -
 FTB0866.3 (x2)0.5 - 6.8 (x2)
 FTB0716.4 (x2)2.3 - 6.8 (x2)15.415.41.6
 FTB0887.9 - 8.1 (x2)3.2 - 9.5 (x2) - 1.4

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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