Scrivets - Raised Head Type from JET PRESS
These raised head Scrivets are a simple but versatile removable riveting system, ideal for applications where maintenance or servicing is required. Fitting is achieved by driving the integral screw into the body, to remove simply unscrew with a screwdriver.

Typical applications for Scrivets include motor vehicles, domestic appliances, audio equipment, boats and furniture.

Material - Nylon.
Typical Colour - Black.

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DescriptionPart NrD1PD2H1H2L
Scrivet - Raised HeadSCR0015.03.8 -
 SCR0226.23.0 - 5.812.01.52.620.0
 DRR0736.25.2 - 10.0--2.615.4
 SCR0038.03.0 -
 SCR0048.06.0 -

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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