Manhole & Drain Seal | Security Seals | MD from JET PRESS

Manhole & Drain Seals are designed for exterior use on manholes, drains or inspection covers. Manufactured from heavy duty materials ensures this seal does not wear or fracture when in use. This seal has two lines of interlocking security cuts positioned on either side of the aperture and supplied with two strips of high bond adhesive mastic. Additionally, the flexibility makes it suitable for uneven or unstable surfaces with excellent resistance to adverse environmental conditions.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Made from vulcanised rubber
  • Flexibility makes it suitable for uneven or unstable surfaces
  • Excellent resistance to adverse environmental conditions
  • Suitable for rough/road tarmac surfaces
  • Can be used in conjunction with adhesive spray
  • Not suitable in applications where it is likely to come into contact with hydrocarbons (oils)
  • Size 70mm x 70mm
  • Made in USA

  • Typical applications include manhole covers, rough surfaces, drain covers, external tool/utility boxes.

    Material - Vulcanised rubber
    Colour - Black

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    DescriptionPart Nr
    Manhole & Drain Security SealSLA030

    All dimensions are mm unless specified.