Common Sense Turnbuttons - Two-Hole Fixing from JET PRESS
These are positive locking fasteners; Common Sense Turnbuttons with Two Hole Fixing are designed so they don’t open accidentally. Each fastener has a spring mechanism that holds the fastener under tension in the desired position until turned through a quarter turn by hand.

The two fixing holes allow the stud to be attached to a wide range of solid substrates, normally using screws. The fabric has to be pierced then the pronged eyelet is pushed through the fabric and the prongs are passed through the washer and bent under to secure it. This can be done with a hammer or a specialist Attaching Tool for Turnbuttons.

Typical applications include boat covers, vehicle covers, luggage and military kit.

• No accidental opening
• Positive locking
• Easy-to-use
• Simple to fix
• Secure attachment

Material - Brass
Finish - Brass or Nickel plated. Ebanol Black is available on some parts - contact us for details.

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DescriptionPart NrH1H2H3WW1W2L1L2L3
Turnbutton - Single Height00001-00176.9 - 12--32 - -
Turnbutton - Double Height00002-002110.5 - 12--32 - -
Pronged Eyelet00400-00 - - 8---- 28-
Washer00400-0B---- ---- 32

All dimensions are mm unless specified.