Introducing JET PRESS
JET PRESS Building

JET PRESS has been providing fasteners and components to businesses like yours since 1977. Through JET PRESS you have access to the widest range of proven fastener and component solutions that you will need.

Our purpose-built distribution headquarters in Nottinghamshire manages the quick and easy supply of our 20,000 standard products worldwide.

As well as providing fast off-the-shelf solutions, our experienced application engineers regularly work with customers like you to design bespoke solutions from metals, plastics, or more exotic materials with a fast turnaround on samples using technologies such as 3D printing. Standard samples and CAD drawings to aid your design engineers are supplied quickly and free of charge to help you find the right solution.


Fasteners and Components

Many of our core product ranges are engineered fasteners made from various metals or plastics, or a combination of both.

Produced by us or by our leading manufacturing partners, these products have been designed for real fastening needs of businesses around the world. Having been developed, they now provide you with ready-made new answers to existing or novel needs that arise to fasten two or more physical items together, whether metal plates, cables, wood sheets, rods, pipes, fabric etc.

In many cases we can offer an off-the-shelf solution for your particular application. Whilst we stock many thousands of different types of such fasteners we have access to a multitude of other products, so do get in touch if you don’t find what you are looking for.


Our product ranges do not stop at fasteners though – we supply extensive ranges of other components and hardware that have been carefully selected for their functionality and quality. Accuride ball bearing slides and Camloc gas struts are a few examples of our popular ranges that you can view.

Technical Capabilities

Technical Capabilities

We don’t just supply you with excellent products and outstanding service. Our engineering and development expertise is there to support you in many ways. Whether it is providing PPAP documentation, compliance with environmental regulations for our products, working with your engineers to find solutions to problems or developing prototypes, we have the capability.

With our in-house CAD and 3D printing, bespoke solutions are quicker and cheaper than ever before. Exotic materials have also been used by JET PRESS in providing solutions for customer needs, so put us to the test!

Markets and Industries

When you review the breadth of our product offering and capabilities you can see that most businesses making or using physical goods could and do use our products. We supply critical components to production business groupings that include: automotive (cars, trucks, coaches, agricultural, etc), machine building, furniture manufacturing, transportation, construction, military, kitchen manufacturing, domestic appliances, toy manufacturing, medical industries, airlines, boat building, shop-fitting and so on!

If you don’t see your sector listed, please review our products or give us a call, as we will have solutions to your fastener and component needs.

Worldwide Sales

World Globe

In the last year, we sold our products to businesses in over 50 countries all around the world. We have a wealth of expertise in selling products across national borders.

Supported by our multilingual capabilities and a network of distributors we can ensure that your goods arrive where and when you need them.

Customer Service

Office Internal Customer Service

JET PRESS are a happy team and we want you to enjoy doing business with us. We understand the importance of the products and services that we supply to you and are passionate and conscientious in what we do.

Our employees stay with us for a long time and get to know you and your needs. All front-line staff are trained in the products that they provide to you. We aim to be your best supplier.

Order on-line

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Our sister company in the JET PRESS Group, Components Direct is available to take your orders on-line 24 hours a day.

For off-the-shelf convenience of our most popular items, visit

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