Push Nut Bolt Retainers

Push Nut Bolt Retainers slide 1
Push Nut Bolt Retainers slide 1
B0R006 Push Nut Bolt Retainers
B0R006 Push Nut Bolt Retainers
Bolt Retainers - Application
Bolt Retainers - Application


Push Nut Bolt Retainers slide 1
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Push Nut Bolt Retainers

These Push Nut Bolt Retainers are designed to be pushed onto a screw or bolt to prevent it from falling out of a hole while on the way to final assembly. They slide smoothly down either fine or coarse pitched threads and hold firmly at any point. When the panel or component is installed and fastened with a nut, the retainer stays in place. The teeth fold flat, ensuring a minimal increase to the overall thickness of the assembly.

• Avoids losing nuts and bolts during assembly
• Shock resistant
• Distortion resistant
• Multiple sizes
• Minimal thickness

Typical applications include toys, motor vehicles, trolleys, electrical equipment, telecom equipment and domestic equipment.

F1 = Maximum Push-on Force in Newtons.
F2 = Minimum Holding Strength in Newtons.

Material - Austempered Carbon Steel

Are you looking for further information, samples, CAD files or prices?

Please contact our customer service team or use the "Request Samples" button next to the product variations below.

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Drawings and images are for reference only and should not be used for product specification. For new applications we recommend that you carry out assembly tests using samples supplied by us.

Dimension guide

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Push Nut Bolt Retainers dimension guide


Code Description Thread D H T F1 F2
B0R004 Bolt Retainer M4 9.5 1.3 0.3 98 223 Request sample
B0R005 Bolt Retainer M5 11.1 1.7 0.3 111 290 Request sample
B0R006 Bolt Retainer M6 12.7 2.2 0.3 111 400 Request sample
B0R007 Bolt Retainer M8 16.0 2.2 0.3 156 445 Request sample
B0R008 Bolt Retainer M10 19.8 2.4 0.4 156 668 Request sample
B0R009 Bolt Retainer M12 21.4 3.0 0.4 111 1,335 Request sample
B0R011 Bolt Retainer M6 16.0 2.2 0.3 111 400 Request sample

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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