Tee Nuts & Weld Nuts from JET PRESS

Tee nuts (also known as T nuts or weld nuts) come in two broad types:

1. Pronged tee nuts – These are usually used as a wood fastener for receiving a machine thread. The pronged tee nut is driven and secured into a predrilled hole. We can supply you with a range of solutions for fitting tee nut fasteners, from high efficiency drill-drive machines to flexible hand-held tee nut guns.

2. Slab based tee nuts – Slab based tee nuts for welding to steel are known as weld nuts, alternatively they can be supplied with holes to enable the tee nut to be fastened through those fixing holes.

Sigma Rivet Tee Nuts

These Rivet Tee Nuts are designed to be machine inserted and are cold forged with a heavy flange and a large head for greater strength and pull-through resistance. The final result is a faster, deeper and straighter tee nut insertion, therefore increasing final product quality and production efficiency.

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Pronged Tee Nuts - Metric

A strong, reliable and easy-to-fix low-cost anchor for wood and plastic, these Tee nuts can be simply inserted into a pre-drilled hole and tapped into place. They are flush-fitting, so no counterboring is required. A self-locking feature prevents rotation during hand or automatic assembly.

Suitable for a wide range of   [....]

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Strip Feed Pronged Tee Nuts

These four pronged Tee Nuts are collated on a strip to make it easier to feed through the handtool. The long serrated prongs provide maximum grip and the heavy gauge steel ensures proper thread configuration and superior torque resistance.

Supplied 13 x Tee Nuts to a strip. Available in a small and large base type.

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Weld Nuts - Tee Nuts, Slab Based

Tee nuts or T nuts are low-cost threaded anchors that offer excellent load distribution when fixed to thin sheet metal. Manufactured to the highest standard these Tee Nuts (T nuts) are ideal for use in the automotive, domestic appliance and light-engineering industries. The slab based tee nuts (T nuts) are commonly known as wel  [....]

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Weld Nuts / Tee Nuts - Stainless Steel

These Stainless Steel Tee Nuts offer excellent load distribution when fixed to thin sheet metal. Designed for applications where corrosion resistance is a priority, they are manufactured to the highest standard.

Typical applications include domestic appliances, motor vehicles, steel cabinets, furniture and steel work.

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Weld Nuts / Tee Nuts - Round Base

This Round Base Tee Nut is a versatile, low cost, threaded anchor offering excellent load distribution when fixed to thin sheet metal. Can be used in timber applications and commonly used in climbing walls. This fastener is suitable for screw fixing, rivet fixing, hand or automatic weld applications.

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