Fasteners and Components from JET PRESS

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We have threaded and push-on fasteners; light-weight fixings or heavy-duty steel clips; permanent or removable clips; metal and plastic fasteners to hold all kinds of pipes, cable, panels or fabric; insulated or conductive plastic components; fasteners to be moulded into plastic or fibre glass; fasteners welded, glued, fixed by screws, driven by a hammer into wood, fixed automatically by specialist machines - your options are almost endless.

JET PRESS has been designing, manufacturing and sourcing the best fastener products from around the world since 1977. Over that time we have been presented with fastening needs in a wide range of industries such as automotive, furniture and diverse industrial applications. A selection of proven and innovative engineered fasteners are presented on our web site and our choice of plastic fasteners and metal fastener components is extensive. With our expertise and our capabilities for rapid prototyping, we are delighted to help you find the products you need.