T-Nut Insertion Machines from JET PRESS

Deeper and straighter insertion of T-Nuts

Our floor standing T-Nut insertion machines and table top insertion machines provide speed and flexibility when inserting Tee Nuts. They also ensure a deeper, straighter and more consistent insertion. All machines work with either Rivet T-Nuts or Pronged T-Nuts. For applications like leg, foot, or castor anchors in furniture, using Riveted T-Nuts greatly reduces possibility of the T-Nut being forced out. This is a growing problem because users are asked to attach legs, feet and castors themselves after delivery. A failure to screw the bolt in fully will force the T-Nut out as soon as the furniture is used. Few suppliers other than JET PRESS are able to supply Rivet T-Nut Insertion machines.

Floor standing machines provide the greatest number of insertions per hour. A table top machine is better suited to mid to low volume applications. Both can greatly increase productivity which is why they are used by furniture manufacturing companies throughout the UK. These machines have safety cut-offs and guards to protect operators. Operator and maintenance training is provided when machines are installed. JET PRESS maintenance engineers are available for call out and servicing.

Delivery of the machines, along with installation, training and full technical support is included in the price. We will also provide an annual service free of charge for as long as you use the machines with our Sigma T-Nuts. If you want to be sure T-Nuts will deliver the benefits you need, send us a sample of the timber you are using. We will insert the T-Nuts and return the timber to you so you can see how well it will work for your application.

If you require prices or further information please contact our sales team online or ring +44 1623 551 800.

We do offer a wide selection of Rivet and Pronged T-Nuts.

Our T-Nut Machine Service:

  • Save time and money
  • Free Delivery and servicing (UK)
  • Support for machines provided
  • Service and spares
  • Large stocks of many sizes of T-Nut
  • Immediate delivery of T-Nuts from stock

Floor Rivet T-Nut Insertion Machine - Sigma

This Floor Standing Rivet T-Nut Insertion Machine is fed by a vibrating hopper that aligns the T-nuts. It is capable of up to 2,000 tee nut insertions per hour. The technology used allows the insertion of tee nuts to be deeper, straighter and more consistent than even the most highly trained human operator can achieve.


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Table-Top T-Nut Insertion Machine - Sigma

The Table Top T-Nut Insertion Machine is capable of up to 1,000 tee nut insertions per hour. Table Top T-Nut Machines can be configured for either standard 4 prong Sigma T-Nuts or 2 prong Rivet T-Nuts.

· Table top machine designed to suit low to mid volume applications
· Fast and accurate insertion
· Simple and   [....]

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Drill, Drive and Rivet T-Nut Machine - Sigma

This T-Nut Machine combines the drilling, insertion and riveting of the T-Nut into a single operation. The cycle time for the drill drive and rivet process is 2 seconds, so depending on the complexity of the application and the operator up to 1,500 insertions an hour is possible.
Using this machine cuts out the need for sep  [....]

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