Threaded Tube Inserts & Connector Nuts from JET PRESS

Attach Levelling Feet and Castors using Threaded Tube Inserts.

Various designs of inserts are available to you to incorporate a machine thread into the end of tubes. We supply threaded tube inserts to fit square or round cross-section tubes. Whether all metal construction or a plastic/metal combination, installation is easy as they are generally tapped into place.

Typically these products are used to facilitate the attachment of levelling feet or castors onto the base of machines or furniture.

Square Tube Inserts - Metal, Threaded

These metal, threaded square tube inserts are simply tapped into place and the carbon steel washer grips tightly to the inside of the tube, whilst the housing provides a neat finish to the cut end of the tube.

L, L1 = Outer dimensions of tube.

Materials - Mild Steel (Housing), Carbon Steel (Washer).

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Round Tube Inserts - Metal, Threaded

These round metal tube inserts use an internal carbon steel retaining washer to grip the inside of the leg providing a solid, threaded anchor to attach castors, feet or glides to the bottom of legs. Application is simple as the Tube Insert can be gently tapped into position.

An added benefit is the attractive finish of   [....]

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Round Tube Inserts - Plastic, Threaded

Fitting threaded components such as castors, feet and glides to the round legs on desks, tables and other appliances, could not be easier with our plastic round tube insert. This quality product provides a high-strength, tight-fitting, practical solution which is also cost-effective.

Application is simple with the plast  [....]

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Standard Square Tube Inserts - Plastic, Threaded

Attaching castors, feet or glides to square legged furniture or appliances can be a problem. Our Plastic Square Tube Inserts provide a cost effective, easy application way of solving your problem.

After gently tapping the nylon insert into the square leg the specially designed ribs grip tightly onto the inside of the tu  [....]

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Tube Connector Nuts

The Tube Connector Nut is an innovative method for proving a threaded hole in tubes which eliminates the need for other more costly methods such as welding or flow drilling. Known also as Star Fangled Nuts, they facilitate the attachment of a wide range of threaded rod components to tubes.

The Connector Nut is simply pu  [....]

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