Rim Locks & Latches from JET PRESS

Mounted via a simple screw from the rear of the door, drawers and cupboards can be secured by these products.

Rim Locks - Deadbolt

Surface mounted on the reverse of the door or panel, this right handed Deadbolt Rim Lock from Lowe & Fletcher has a 360° key movement, throwing the deadbolt 15mm.

Suppplied with a rosette for a clean, professional appearance along with 2 nickel plated steel keys. 200 key combinations available.

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Vertical Slam Rim Latches

Surface mounted, with a simple screw fixing on the reverse of the door or drawer, this Vertical Rim Slam Latch from Lowe & Fletcher has a 90° spring loaded key movement. Slam to lock, no key is required - making this product ideal for cash drawers.

Two nickel plated steel keys are supplied as standard. 200 key variati  [....]

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