Insert Nuts - Type E from JET PRESS
Our Type E Insert Nuts are self-tapping and provides a stable, permanent thread for wood and other wood-based sheet materials. They have no flange and so allow strong joining of both curved and flat surfaces.

To install, simply screw the self-tapping body into the base material. The unique external thread on the Type E Insert Nut ensures secure fixing and offers strong resistance to pull-out due to torsion or vibration.

Typical applications include audio equipment, cabinets, chairs, desks and shop equipment.

Material - Zinc Alloy Die Cast

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DescriptionPart NrThreadLD1D2K
Type EINE001AM4105.7 - 6.07.54
 INE002AM5137.7 - 8.011.05
 INE003AM6108.7 - 9.012.06
 INE004AM6138.7 - 9.012.06
 INE005AM6208.7 - 9.012.06
 INE006AM81311.2 - 11.514.58
 INE008AM82011.2 - 11.514.58
 INE009AM82511.2 - 11.514.58

All dimensions are mm unless specified.