Swift&Sure Vari-Lift Gas Springs Camloc 08-18Range from JET PRESS

The 8-18 range of Camloc Vari-Lift Gas Springs are recommended for panel weights of 10kg to 40kg. Spring force can be varied from 10kg to 65kg, with stroke lengths from 100mm to 250mm.

These struts are available in an extensive range of sizes and can be fitted with a wide range of End Connectors and Brackets to suit your needs.

Calculating the exact force requirements can be prove to be very difficult in practice. Our Variable Lift Gas Springs overcome this problem as they can be adjusted after fitting to meet the exact needs of your application.

These Gas Springs are charged to their maximum force during manufacture. By using the standard tool provided, gas can be gradually released via the Vari-Lift valve to provide the force suited to your application. Once this has been established, we are able to measure this force and provide fixed force Gas Springs to your precise requirement if necessary.

WARNING: The force can be adjusted downwards only. (See Vari-Lift Adjustment Instructions for further clarification).


  • No need to calculate force
  • Adjustable to any force within the range
  • Force can be adjusted after installation
  • Simple adjustment using standard tool supplied
  • Ideal for prototyping and short production runs
  • Ideal where application weights vary

For Eye Bolt Connectors use GSA004
For Ball Joint Connectors use GSA003

Ordering Unit:
1 = 1 Gas Spring

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Drawings and images are for reference only and should not be used for product specification. For new applications we recommend that you carry out assembly tests using samples supplied by us.

DescriptionPart NrD1D2L1L2Thread
8 - 18 Gas SpringGSP0068.018.0100.0159.0M6

All dimensions are mm unless specified.