Rotary Air Ventilators

Rotary Air Ventilators slide 1
Rotary Air Ventilators slide 1

Rotary Air Ventilators

The Weston Body Hardware rotary ventilators have an inside grille and adaptor to remove stale air from within vehicles. Typically used as a van roof rotary vent, the inside adaptor ring allows neat and easy installation of the inside grille, concealing all fixing screws and making the ventilator entirely suitable for mini-buses and other prestige applications.

The construction prevents entry of rain, dust and down draughts. Air-scoop revolves on two steel bearings and will catch breeze even in stationary locations. Quiet in operation with excellent rate of air movement.

Fixed with 4 x 5mm holes on 124mm pitch circle diameter.

Material - ABS

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Drawings and images are for reference only and should not be used for product specification. For new applications we recommend that you carry out assembly tests using samples supplied by us.

Product Variations

Code Description
R0V001 Rotary Ventilator Assembly Request Free Samples
R0V002 Adaptor & Grill Request Free Samples

All dimensions are mm unless specified.

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