Salice 110° Clip-on Hinges

HIN009 - 110° Part Overlay
HIN006 - 110° Full Overlay
HIN030 - 110° Half Overlay
HIN130 - 110° Inset


Salice 110° Clip-on Hinges slide 1
Salice 110° Clip-on Hinges slide 2
Salice 110° Clip-on Hinges slide 3
Salice 110° Clip-on Hinges slide 4

Salice 110° Clip-on Hinges

These standard sprung cabinet hinges from Salice feature a 35mm cup and allow cupboard doors to open to 110°. Available in designs for full overlay, half overlay, part overlay and inset they are easily attached by screws to the cupboard doors and carcasses. Fine alignment can be made after installation by turning the integral adjuster screw.

They are manufactured to the highest quality levels and have achieved FIRA Gold Accreditation.

They are compatible with all 200, 700 and DOMI hinge mounting plates. For most normal applications, a 3mm mount plate is recommended.

Material - Steel.

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Code Description Type
HIN006 110° Full Overlay 0 Crank Request sample
HIN009 110° Part Overlay 5 Crank Request sample
HIN030 110° Half Overlay 9 Crank Request sample
HIN130 110° Inset 17 Crank Request sample
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